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Bonding Wire

Bonding Wire refers to the thin wire that connects the semiconductor chip and the lead frame that supports it.

Bonding Wire using high purity refined gold
LT metals uses high purity AU materials of 5N(99.999%) or more to apply its over 30 years of experience in manufacturing bonding wires in various sizes used in a number of industries.
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                [International] Deputy manager Junhee Lee 010-7705-6607     Email: jasonlee@ltmetal.co.kr

Advantages of LT Metals' Bonding Wires

  • 01Uniform and stable FAB (Free Air Ball) and excellent Loop feature
  • 02Customer satisfaction through strict feature (E/L, E/L) control
  • 03Clean production line and strict quality control system
  • 04Precious metal processing know-how accumulated over than 30 years
  • 05Rapid technical support through prominent analysis system

Types of Bonding Wires

  • GBW (Gold Bonding Wire)
  • GSW (Gold & Silver Alloy Wire)
  • CBW (Cooper Bonding Wire)
  • PCW (Pd Coated Cooper Wire)
  • AUPCW (AuPd Coated Cooper Wire)
  • SBW (Ag Alloy Wire)

Evaporator Material

Overview of Evaporator Material
LT Metal Ltd. is an technical leading group in the field of precious metal recycling and refining. We provide the highly purified Gold
-Group Evaporator Material of 99.999%. Absolute Au is applied in bonding wire, Au group alloy, and sputtering target.
We also provides world customers with quality assured products based on various analysis equipments (EPMA, ICP-MASS, OES, EDX and etc) and 30-years accumulated know-how.
LT Metal Ltd. has come true the customer satisfaction with stable and excellent quality.
Type of Evaporator Material