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Heesung Metals produces precious metal compounds, plating materials and insoluble electrodes.

Precious metal compounds

Au (Gold) compound
Potassium Dicyanoaurate(I) [KAu(CN)2], Potassium Tetracyanoaurate(I) [KAu(CN)4 ],
Sodium Gold Sulfite [Na3Au(SO3)2], Ammonium Dicyanoaurate(I) [NH4Au(CN)2],
Hydrogen Tetrachloroaurate [HAuCl4NH2O], Potassium Tetrachloroaurate [KAuCl4]
Pt (Pratinum) compound
Hexachloroplatinate(Ⅳ) [H2PtCl6·6H2O], Potassium Tetrachloroplatinate(Ⅱ) [K2PtCl4],
Diamminedinitro platinum [Pt(NH3)2(NO2)2], Hexaammineplatinum Chloride [Pt(NH3)6Cl4],
Hydrogen Hexahydroxoplatinate [H2Pt(OH)6]
Pt (Pratinum) compound
Palladium Chloride [PdCl2], Tetraammine dichloro palladium [Pd(NH3)4Cl2],
Palladium Nitrate [Pd(NO3)2], Diammine dinitro palladium [Pd(NH3)2(NO2)2],
Palladium Chloride HCI Solu [H2PdCl6], Pallalyst 8,9,10
Ag (Siver) compound
Potassium Dicyanoargentate [KAg(CN)2], Silver Nitrate [AgNO3],
Silver Cyanide [AgCN], Silver Sulfate [Ag2SO4],
Silver Chloride [AgCl], Silver Oxide [Ag2O]
Rh (Rhodium) compound
Rhodium(Ⅲ) Sulfate [Rh2(SO4)3], Rhodium(Ⅲ) Chloride [RhCl3.4H20],
Rhodium Nitrate [Rh(NO3)3], Rhodium Chloride HCI Solu [H3RhCl6]
Ru (Ruthenium) compound
Hexaammine Ruthenium Trichloride [Ru(NH3)6Cl3],
Ruthenium(Ⅲ) Chloride hydrate [RuCl3xH2O]
lr (Iridium) compound
Iridium(Ⅲ) Chloride hydrate [IrCl3xH2O

Plating Solution
(EEJA plating solution)

Gold plating process Pure-gold
TEMPEREX series : With its excellent bonding ability, thermal resistance and solderability make it perfect for semiconductor components. The amount of Au can be saved thanks to the improved ability to attach the metal evenly.
GALVANOMEISTER GB series : Used for the Au processing of Wafer Bump. The ability to attach the metal evenly has been increased and high currents can be used for plating in low temperatures.
MICROFAB Au series : Wafer Cyan-free Au plating. Excellent for Bumps and fine patterns.
MICROFAB FL series : Wafer Cyan-free Au flash plating.
Gold alloy plating process
AUTRONEX series : Excellent electric characteristics, high resistance to corrosion and wear, high solderability. Optimal for electronic components such as connectors.
NEUTRONEX series : Cyan-free Au-Cu alloy plating process. It has a high hardness and great ability to attach the metal evenly.
GALVANOMEISTER GT series :Electrolysis Au-Sn alloy process. Easy to adjust the alloy ratio for various melting points.
GALVANOMEISTER GS series :Electrolysis Au-Ag alloy process optimal for LED components due to Au's high resistance to corrosion and Ag's reflection rate.
Gold plating process Strike
AUROBOND series : TCL(chloride series), XPH20(non-chloride) allow for direct plating on stainless steel even in strike solutions with low pH.
NEUTRONEX Strike : Cyan-free type strike solution.
Gold plating process Electroless
LECTROLESS Au series : Great attachability to non-electrolysis Ni, high solderability and wettability. IG100 is able to create a uniform thickness in films even for Pd films.
CERAGOLD series : Self-reduction type Pb-free, non-electrolysis Au plating process that creates a film.
PRECIOUSFAB IG series : : Cyan-free non-electrolysis Au plating process applied to electrolysis and non-electrolysis Ni.
Silver plating process
SILVREX series : JS-5 ranges from semi-shiny to shiny appearances and can be used for high current density works. High shine can be achieved and is most optimal for LED components.
PRECIOUSFAB Ag series : Cyan-free process developed for Wafers.
Platinum group plating process
PALLADEX series : LF-5 is a process established to realize high resistance to corrosion in high temperatures of Pd-PPF, with no harm from ammonia.
PLATANEX series/PRECIOUSFAB Pt series : Pt plating process that allows for crackles films due to low stress.
RHODEX : Rh plating process Process that allows for the formation of industrial films.
Pre/Post Treatment
Ni plating process
MICROFAB Ni Series : Wafer 위의 패턴, Bump 형성 도금에 최적화(Barrier 역할로 Cu 도금층의 확산방지)
MICROFAB NI200FF series :Wafer Cyan-free Au plating. Specifically suitable for Bumps and fine patterns. Bright appearance
GALOVANOMEISTER NI400 series :Wafer Cyan-free Au plating. Specifically suitable for Bumps and fine patterns. Matte appearance