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Conductive Material

Conductive materials are used in simple electrodes or materials to connect electronic components.

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With the development in the electronic goods industry, electronic devices and components now take on various functions, while being lighter. Stability against the external environment is required more than ever. As such, conductives are used as mostly simple electrodes that connect various electronic components but they can also serve as a material in themselves.

Advantages of LT Metals' Conductive Material

  • 01 Using the material with purity 99.99% or more, which giving elevation of quality Providing technical consulting with 30-years technical know-how
  • 02 Providing technical consulting with 30-years technical know-how
  • 03 Adopting quality assurance system according to ISO9001, the best of customer satisfaction

Types of Conductive Material

Precious Metal Powder
Overview of Precious Metal Powders
Precious Metal Powder is an important base material in electromagnetic field. Out of them, it is mainly used in Paste of the resource of Ceramic electronic component. Besides, it is also used in sintering and conductive rubber. It is shaped as sphere, plate, mass, and cohesive phase. Pd and Ag-Pd are used for complementing the shortage of Ag Powder. Ag Coated Cu Powder is considered when supplementing the demerit of Ag Powder and saving the prime cost.
Types of Precious Metal Powders