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The R&D center of LT Metals is committed to strengthening international competitiveness of homegrown technologies.

LT Metals Inc., established in 1993

LT Metals has been redoubling efforts in R&D on precious metal materials that form a main part of materials used in electric, electronic, semiconductors, automobile and display industries. In doing so, the company has built a strong base for the field in Korea but also has improved international competitiveness.
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Our Research Center, which moved to current Namdong factory newly established in 1997 for strengthening the R&D competitiveness, has played major role in sales increment of new products through the 1st nationalization of platinum material and device for Glass industry which started from the nationalization of the Gold Bonding Wire/Silver Epoxy of the essential material in semiconductor, and now in take-off stage to be a Maker of high-tech materials as well precious metal materials by originally developing the whole processes of ITO Target, the important material in display industry, from source powder to final processing.
LT Metal LTD. Research Center exerts ourselves to create the value of "LT" out of the world by developing the World Top material through securing customer-oriented original technology and developing processing technology with a Vision of 21st century "Global Leader in Advanced Material".