1. Sustainable management
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Quality policy

Quality policy

LT Metals’ quality assurance policy aims at creating the best quality value for our customers.

“Contributing to society by creating the best quality value”
The quality policy of LT Metals has been based on the business philosophy of "creating happiness for customers, members and society through people and technology", and by becoming a global leader in the processing, recovery and refinement of precious metal materials.

Quality assurance implementation

  • 01 For an effective implementation of the quality system, the CEO establishes and maintains a quality management system and quality department head who will hold all responsibility and authority on matters concerning quality.
  • 02 Customer requests must be considered in light of law but also information on various situations before being reflected onto product design.
  • 03 To establish and maintain an efficient quality management system, all employees must understand the quality guidelines and manuals and implement their tasks accordingly.
  • 04 The quality system must meet the latest standards of IATF 16949 / ISO 9001 / KS QISO 9001 and quality goals and detailed goals must be established. Appropriate reviews must be conducted to maintain a quality management system.